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listing des codes d'erreur Playonline.

0008 - signal lost on idle character - this seems to be very rare, and a restart usually fixes
0011 - error often seen by Comcast users - switch ISP if it continues (annoying, I know)
0019 - server down
0033 - server down error -also sometimes occurs to Comcast users.
0205 - error during patch - rare, no known fix.
0250 - error during patch - update router firmware. Also possibly server issue.
1153 - Connection issue to update server. To fix, update the firmware on your router
1155 - Update server down
1160 - Update server down
1161 - Internet connection lost message - often caused by viruses
1162 - patch error- update router software
1164 - installation issue occurring in computers with over 1gb ram before Playonline patch - to bypass, remove some ram temporarily.
1305 - Installation error again - see fixes above
1311 - Installation error, see above
1334 - SSL error during registration. Usually due to a server issue, but occasionally due to internet explorer settings. Clear your SSL slate under tools: internet options. If you need more instructions, let me know.
1335 - The installation file error, see fixes above.
1607- Installation error, see above
1608 - Install LargeISEngineUpdate from /> 1628 - Installation error - see above
1647 - installation error, see above
2001 - Hardware TNL not detected - usually means your video card won't work with FFXI. Get a new one.
2003 - Corrupted gameplay file (probably zone) to fix, uninstall and re-install ffxi
2059 - disconnect during patching - usually caused by virus or spyware - Run and adaware from (
2070 - unknown connect error. No known fix at this time.
2211 - Install LargeISEngineUpdate from /> 3100 - connection issue, misrouted packets - sometimes experienced by verizon users
3101 - Server issue
3113 - 1. Open Network in Control Panel and select ""Add.""
2. From Network Components, select ""Client"" and then ""Add.""
3. From Network Client, select ""Manufacturer: Microsoft"" and ""Network Client: Microsoft Network Client"" and select ""OK"" to start installing.
4. Restart your PC and run FINAL FANTASY XI.
3203 - server issue
3206 - Server issue
3324 - corrupt zone file. Delete zone and repatch. If that fails, uninstall and reinstall FFXI
3332 - Server down
4001 - UDP ports are being blocked. Change your firewall, or contact your internet service provider to get this fixed.
20008002 - desktop not set to 32 bit color depth. Usually a screwed up driver, or sometimes a desktop stuck on 16 bit.
2070 - unknown connect error. No known fix at this time.

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